Previews Plus #1013

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The following items are being offered for the first time unless marked O/A (Offered Again). If you're interested in purchasing one of these items, please give your local comic book shop the listed item code by Monday, March 12, 2012.

(W/A) Jonathan Buck
Drawing Steampunk gives you hundreds of step-by-step, do-it-yourself drawings of everything from tiny clothing elements to complex mechanical devices. With tips, tricks, and techniques from this bo... >>
Item Code: MAY121467
In Shops: TBD
SRP: $15.95
(W/A/CA) Terry Moore
Rachel wakes up at sunrise in a shallow grave in the woods and discovers the freshly murdered body in the dirt is her own. With events of the previous night a blur, Rachel seeks out her boyfriend P... >>
Item Code: JAN128163
In Shops: 3/28/2012
SRP: $3.99
(W/A/CA) Terry Moore
Rachel Beck was murdered yesterday. Today she's back from the grave and looking for her killer. The problem is, death zaps the memory bank pretty hard. So now Rachel will have to investigate her ow... >>
Item Code: JAN128164
In Shops: 3/28/2012
SRP: $3.99
(W) Paul Magrs
Tom Baker reprises the role of the fourth Doctor in five thrilling brand new exclusive audio adventures, with Susan Jameson as Mrs. Wibbsey. Tsar Wars: In a distant galaxy, the Tsar and Tsarina rul... >>
Publisher: AUDIO GO
Item Code: JAN128229
In Shops: 5/30/2012
SRP: $74.95
(W) Joseph Lidster
An audio exclusive adventure based on the hit TV series Torchwood, featuring Captain Jack Harkness (as played by John Barrowman). >>
Publisher: AUDIO GO
Item Code: JAN128230
In Shops: 7/11/2012
SRP: $24.95
From SAGE Collectibles. In addition to SAGE's trademarked brand of unique and exclusive photography, these extremely limited cards features: an average of 9 Autographs per box, and more autographs... >>
Item Code: JAN128227
In Shops: 4/11/2012
SRP: $3.99
(W) Grace Randolph (A) Russell Dauterman (CA) Joshua Covey
From BOOM! Studios. The sold-out debut returns for a third printing! What goes down when the capes come off? Meet the Real Housewives of Earth's greatest super-team, the Meta Legion! It's the egos,... >>
Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS
Item Code: MAR128149
In Shops: 5/16/2012
SRP: $3.99
From Konami Digital Entertainment. After a Decade of Duels, enough Monsters, Spells, and Traps have finally been created to make the greatest Dueling test ever. Battle Pack: Epic Dawn is the first... >>
Item Code: JAN128228
In Shops: 6/13/2012
SRP: $1.99