Previews Plus #1010

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The following items are being offered for the first time unless marked O/A (Offered Again). If you're interested in purchasing one of these items, please give your local comic book shop the listed item code by Monday, February 20, 2012.

(W/A/CA) John Willie
Please consult your retailer for information about this title. NOTE: Not available in Canada, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. ADULT MATERIAL
Item Code: STAR12150
SRP: $35.00
(W) Joe Hill, Chris Ryall (A/CA) Nelson Daniel
From IDW Publishing. Second Printing of the sold-out debut issue! Acclaimed novelist/Eisner-winning graphic novelist Joe Hill collaborated with his father, Stephen King, for the first time on a tal... TEST3>>
Item Code: DEC118180
In Shops: 3/21/2012
SRP: $3.99
(W) James Roberts (A/CA) Alex Milne
From IDW Publishing. The sold-out #2 is back in a new printing! The new Transformers direction blasts off! Trapped in space, their ship critically damaged, the Autobots try to rally what's left of... TEST3>>
Item Code: DEC118181
In Shops: 3/21/2012
SRP: $3.99
(W) John Barber (A/CA) Andrew Griffith
From IDW Publishing. The sold-out second issue, available again in a new printing! The Decepticons make their move, as the Transformers relaunch really amps up! As Bumblebee's provisional governmen... TEST3>>
Item Code: DEC118182
In Shops: 3/21/2012
SRP: $3.99
(W) Daniel Way (A) Carlo Barberi (CA) Dave Johnson
From Marvel Comics. Could this be it? Has everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth finally made an appointment with Lady Death? Witness the biggest change in Deadpool's life as "Dead" kicks off in Dea... TEST3>>
Item Code: DEC118228
In Shops: 3/14/2012
SRP: $3.99
From Wizards of the Coast. The Planeswalker Koth, from the metal plane of Mirrodin, sought help when his world darkened. He traveled to Dominaria to enlist allies and met fellow Planeswalker Venser... TEST3>>
Item Code: DEC118239
In Shops: 3/28/2012
SRP: $119.94
From Konami Digital Entertainment. Our largest Starter Deck in 8 years, this deck comes with 5 Xyz Monsters, including Yuma's signature monster from the newest animated series ... Number 39: Utopia... TEST3>>
Item Code: DEC118237
In Shops: 4/18/2012
SRP: $99.90
From WizKids/NECA. Heroes beware! Evil strikes back with deadly power in this exciting Encounter Pack! An Evil Cleric commands three Zombies, while a Succubus and Scarlet Gargoyle torment adventure... TEST3>>
Item Code: DEC118238
In Shops: 3/28/2012
SRP: $0.00