The Vikings believed that the world was created from the body of the fallen giant Ymir, that the world would end the serpent Jormungandr consumed it after a battle with Thor, and the world would begin again for a new cycle of creation and destruction. Nordic skalds told this story in meadhills, and they called it Ragnarok.

This summer, legendary creator Walt Simonson — no stranger to Norse mythology as seen in his long run on Marvel Comics' Thor — returns to the tales of the Norse gods in his new series from IDW Publishing, Ragnarok. Gods and monsters battle at the end of time, and the fate of Earth — and the Nine Worlds of Norse myth — are in the balance. Monsters will rise, heroes will fall, worlds will break, legends will be born, and sagas will be sung. This is a truly mythic work from a truly mythic creator. This is the Twilight of the Gods. And it begins this July in Walt Simonson's Ragnarok #1 from IDW Publishing. Don't miss it!

Ragnarök #1
IDW Publishing
Item Code: MAY140444
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #180
In Shops 7/23/2014

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