San Diego Comic Con 2013 — Aspen Celebrates All-New Fathom

PREVIEWSworld caught up with Vince Hernandez, Frank Mastromauro, and David Wohl at the Aspen MLT booth to talk about what’s been a long time coming for Michael Turner fans: the All-New Fathom #1. In an interview that features all three players, Frank explained how “its’ Fathom’s fifteenth anniversary this year. It’s been a long time in the making. Fifteen years ago, Michael Turner brought to us one of the most incredible books. It’s been sustained so well because of the fans. The all-new Fathom book is what we’ve been pumping everything towards.”

If you visited the Aspen booth, you were sure to feel that same excitement. As writer David Wohl said, “It’s a little bit of pressure. Fathom’s kind of a special book to me. I was the original editor of it when Michael Turner first brought it up a long time ago. He and I worked on Witchblade together. And then he pitched this new book Fathom. So I was there at the beginning.”

Check out the interview above to get all the details!