In Comic Shops 3/27/2013: American Vampire Volume 5 HC

Publisher: DC Comics/Vertigo

(W) Scott Snyder
(A) Rafael Albuquerque, Dustin Nguyen
(Cover) Rafael Albuquerque

In this new American Vampire collection, Skinner Sweet, Pearl and company return to Hollywood in the '50s during the Red Scare. In a time when America was on the lookout for the next Communist threat, was the real danger far more insidious? Plus: Retired vampire hunter Felicia Book gets called back into action to kill the most powerful vampire of all time. Collecting #28-34 of the monthly series, plus the 5-issue mini-series American Vampire: Lord Of Nightmares. Mature Readers.

Item Code: NOV120298                       In Shops: 3/27/2013                         Price: $29.99

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