Product Changes (10/7)



• Captain Marvel #17 (AUG130798, $3.99) will run 40 pages, not 48 pages.

• Superior Spider-Man #20 Manara Variant (AUG130788, $3.99) will now have a cover by J. Scott Campbell, and will be retitled Superior Spider-Man #20 Campbell Variant.  The newcover is shown here.

• Thor: Crown of Fools #1 (AUG130825, $3.99) will now be Rated T, as originally solicited; will run 48 pages, not 32 pages; and will no longer include a code for a digital copy.

• Nick Fury and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TP (SEP130732, $7.99) will now be retitledS.H.I.E.L.D. Origins TP.

• Infinity #6 (SEP130661 / SEP130662 / SEP130663 / SEP130664 / SEP130665) will now run 64 pages at $5.99, not 56 pages at $4.99.                                   

• The Avengers #23  Eminem Variants INF (Reg./Sketch: AUG138279, $3.99 / AUG138280) and Mighty Avengers #3 Eminem Variants INF (Reg./Sketch: AUG138281, $3.99 / AUG138282) have been cancelled and will not be resolicited.

Uncanny X-Men Premiere HC Volume 2: Broken (AUG130879, $24.99) will now run 144 pages, as originally solicited.

Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World – The Art of the Movie HC Slipcase (AUG130870, $49.99) will now run 272 pages, as originally solicited.

Morbius, The Living Vampire TP: The Man Called Morbius (AUG130886, $24.99) will now run 224 pages, not 216 pages.

Takio 2 GN HC (FEB130606, $16.99) will now have a new cover by Michael Avon Oeming, shown here.


• Please note that the titles in Valiant Entertainment’s Signature Series -- Unity #1 30-Copy Incentive:Bart Sears (SEP131353, $3.99), Shadowman #13 20-copy Incentive: Ben Templesmith (OCT131340, $3.99), and Eternal Warrior #4 20-copy Incentive: Mark Moretti (OCT131355, $3.99) -- refers to the fact that the covers are created by classic Valiant creators. The covers are not signed by the artists.

CORRECTION: Due to an error on PREVIEWS’ part, The Acme Novelty Datebook HC Volume 1 10th Anniversary Printing (SEP131143, $44.95) from Fantagraphics Books was incorrectly solicited in the catalog with the wrong cover art. The correct cover art is shown here.