Product Changes (7/12)

FF #8 (JUN110670D, $2.99; FOC 08/01/11) has a new cover by Daniel Acuña, shown here.

No caption.

Captain America: Prisoner of War Premiere HC (JUN110735D, $24.99; FOC 07/11/11) will be 200 pages, not 192 pages.

Archie Comic Publications’ Archie #625 (JUL110839E, $2.99), originally solicited as being written by Alex Simmons, will be written & illustrated by Dan Parent.

Archie Comic Publications’ Mega Man TP Vol. 1 (JUL110846E, $11.95) and Sonic Universe TP Vol. 1 (JUL110850E, $11.95), solicited at a size of 6” x  9”, will now be 7” x 10”.

• CORRECTION: The creator of Kodansha Comics’ Codename Sailor V TP Vol. 1 (JUL111144F, $10.99) was incorrectly solicited as Koji Kumeta. The book’s creator is actually Naoko Takeuchi. Diamond regrets the error.

CORRECTION: Due to an error on Diamond’s part, the writer/artist of Archaia Entertainment’s  Skrumps One-shot (JAN110935F, $3.95) was incorrectly credited as Jason Chandler. In fact, the book’s creator is John Chandler. Diamond regrets the error.