Product Changes (10/14)

•Please note that Vampire Boy TP (MAY100037, $24.99) is a Mature Readers title, but was erroneously solicited without that designation.

DC has announced content & creator changes for the following issues of Zatanna:

◊ The contents for Zatanna #8 (OCT100253, $2.99) have changed. The issue now begins “Pupaphobia,” an all-new three-part adventure, described as follows:
Everybody’s got that one thing that just creeps them out beyond all reason. (Yours is clowns, we know. It’s okay.) For Zatanna Zatara, it’s puppets: “Creepy, horrible, soul-sucking puppets.” But why is one of the most powerful sorcerers on Earth scared of little wooden men in cheap suits? Finding out is what’s got Zee back in therapy... but she might not uncover the truth before the truth comes gunning for her.

◊ The creative team for Zatanna #7 (SEP100236, $2.99) has changed. The issue will now be written by Adam Beechen, with art by Chad Hardin and Wayne Faucher and a cover by Jesus Saiz. Additionally, the issue’s contents have changed, as follows:
Zatanna just doesn’t like L.A. Never did, never will. Attending the opening of Hollywood’s new Magic Museum, filled with artifacts and costumes from the world’s greatest sorcerers, is more of a chore than a vacation. But she’ll be surprised by what she finds there — both a connection to her father, and a truly bizarre threat that she never saw coming! They say the clothes don’t make the man... but what happens when the clothes have other ideas? It’s one of Zatanna’s weirdest adventures yet, in this done-in-one!

◊  Zatanna #6 (Reg.: AUG100185, Var.: AUG100186, $2.99), solicited with art by Yanick Paquette, now features art by Jesus Saiz.

What If?: Dark Reign (OCT100636, $3.99) will contain Part 4, not Part 1, of What If: The Venom Symbiote Possessed Deadpool?

What If: Iron Man — Demon in an Armor (OCT100639, $3.99) will contain Part 1, not part 4, of What If: The Venom Symbiote Possessed Deadpool?

Young Allies #7 (OCT100642, $2.99) is cancelled.  The series will end with issue #6.

Tron Original Movie Adaptation #1 (SEP100542, $3.99) will have regular cover art by Greg Land, not Olivier Coipel.

Ozma of Oz #1 Jae Lee Variant (SEP100554, $3.99) will now have cover art by Adrian Alphona and has been retitled Ozma of Oz #1 Alphona Variant.

Avengers Academy #7 & Variants (OCT100574-6, $2.99) will be penciled by Tom Raney, not Mike McKone.

• In addition to Mahmud Asrar, Shadowland: Power Man #4 SL (SEP100607, $3.99) will also be penciled by Ray-Anthony Height.

Thor #617 Tron Variant (SEP100641, $3.99) will have cover art by Brandon Peterson and has been retitled Thor #617 Peterson Variant.

Strange Tales 2 (#2: SEP100673, $4.99; #3: OCT100669, $4.99) will no longer be MAX titles and will be rated Parental Advisory.
Scarlet #3 Bendis Variant (SEP100677, $3.95) is now be a sketch cover variant by Alex Maleev and retitled Scarlet #3 Maleev Sketch Variant.