From Factory 2K & After Hours Cinema! Softcore princess Misty Mundae (Chantal, The Rage) in her first film role! A swingin' party where ghastly teens indulge in liquor, mind-altering substances and acts of lewdness, defilement and promiscuity... A sexually depraved lunatic on the prowl, bent on wringing the life from these helpless youths... A night of bizarre and unspeakable atrocities that will have you, too, in the grip of terror! Come meet - if you dare! - Winston and Myles Strange, brothers with a dark, disturbing secret; Michi, the door-to-door cookie salesgirl with a sweet-tooth for horror; Daisy, the erotic party-goer who can't keep it in her pants; Mr. Lon Strauss Jr., the flesh-devouring zombie, as well as Freak Nasty, Austin Dallas, Tim Tomorrows, Omega Hedron, lesbian chicks and a cast of characters you will never soon forget... all players of The Factory 2000 - a retro '90s reincarnation of Warhol's infamous coterie of weirdos and wannabees.
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In Shops: 2/26/2014
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