From WizKids/NECA. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Organized Play Kit contains everything a retailer needs to bring HeroClix players into their store for weekly events -- including new limited edition figures, 3-D objects, maps and more! Includes: 6 Limited Edition figures (three copies each of two different figures); 10 3D special objects; 5 copies of two different 3D Objects; 72 Horde Tokens; 10 2-sided Maps (24" x 36"); five copies each of two different 2-sided maps; and 1 Organized Play Instruction Sheet outlining suggested event formats. Scheduled to ship 10/30/13. (6338)

Please Note: Retailers who buy 4 or more The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Displays (FEB138641) can purchase 1 OP Kit; 14 Displays can purchase 2 OP Kits; 22 Displays can purchase 3 OP Kits.
Item Code: AUG138278
In Shops: 11/13/2013