Publisher: MOONSTONE
(W) Win Scott Eckert, Matthew Baugh
When an exotic green-eyed Asian doctor hires Honey to recover a stolen sample of a new influenza vaccine from a rival scientist, the blonde bombshell private eye - suspicious but bored - takes the case. But when she's attacked not once, but twice, on her way from Long Beach to San Francisco to track down her quarry, she knows there's more - much more - to her femme fatale client than meets the eye. Then Honey joins forces with the one man in Frisco who can help her recover the stolen vaccine-cum-bioweapon and prevent a worldwide epidemic - former cat burglar-turned-bodyguard Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat: T.H.E Cat!
Item Code: NOV131140
In Shops: 2/19/2014
SRP: $26.95