Publisher: D. E.
(W) Elliot Serrano (A) Edu Menna & Various (CA) Daniel Leister
Lost in time, low on gas... and surrounded by dames!  Ashley J. Williams, the @$$-kicking Chosen One, is thrown through time to Prohibition Era Chicago.  When the Book of the Dead revives an army of Deadite gangsters, Ash turns his boomstick in for a badge, his chainsaw for a tommy gun!  But even greater evils from throughout the ages align against our hero, including King Montezuma, undead Nazi soldiers, and a resurrected Yakuza crime lord! Will the Chosen One survive the ravages of time, and how does the mysterious Lady Ash fit into the equation?
Item Code: JUL131057
In Shops: 11/13/2013
SRP: $19.99