Publisher: KOTO INC.
  From Kotobukiya!  The kitchen table has never been more exciting with the fine chopsticks sets from Kotobukiya.  Joining the Star Wars lightsabers, Neon Genesis Evangelion entry plugs, animals, dinosaurs and Xenomorphs from Alien are four all new chopsticks based on the weapons of historical Japanese samurai.  Protect your food and let nothing stand in your way with chopsticks based on the swords of SHINGEN TAKEDA!  Based on the iconic red and gold coloring of Shingen's blade and scabbard, these chopsticks include the samurai's crest stamped into the kashiri, or pommel, of the utensils. Safety tested and fully functional, these unique chopsticks feature high quality sculpts and paint applications that replicate the look of the classical weapons in 9 inches long chopsticks.
Item Code: MAY131939
In Shops: 11/20/2013
SRP: $14.99