From Troma! Three Troma classics in one package! The Secret of the Magic Mushrooms: Two young friends go deep in the woods and one dies in a druken mishap. Can a handful of those legendary magic mushrooms can bring him back to life? Attack of the Tromaggot: A maggot falls into the toxic waste-filled sewers of Maggotown, spawning the horrifying monster known as Tromaggot! Teen Ape Vs. The Monster Nazi Apocalypse: In 1945, the members of P.I.A. (Paranormal Investigation Agency) thwart a Nazi plot to unleash monsters on the rest of the world. But Hitler's right-hand henchwoman has plans to bring the Fuhrer and his monstrous hordes back and start the Fourth Reich. Only Teen Ape and his new team can save the world from doom!
Item Code: JUN132486
In Shops: 8/7/2013
SRP: $14.95