Publisher: D. E.
(W) Eric Trautmann (A) Walter Geovani (CA) Wagner Reis
In the mysterious land of Stygia, the warrior Red Sonja quests for the cursed Horn of Nergal - not for glory or profit, but by the command of the scheming witch Azenathi. To save her friends from certain death at the witch's hands, Sonja must recover the ancient, destructive artifact from a fabled city of magicians buried beneath the desert.  Surrounded by zealots, the She-Devil with a Sword must face her greatest adversary yet: a deadly doppelgänger who shares her form, mirrors her martial skill, and knows no mercy!  Featuring an extensive cover gallery of all the variant artwork to Red Sonja #61-66.
Item Code: APR131063
In Shops: 8/7/2013
SRP: $19.99