Imported from Japan! The intrepid Gun Buster joins the ranks of the Super Robot Chogokin cutting-edge die-cast robot action figure series as the second title to employ the newly developed cross-over joint evolution. In addition to superior articulation, the 6" tall figure accurately depicts Gun Buster in faithful proportion and meticulous attention to detail, and features an extensive array of accessory parts. Included in the set are accessories for recreation of Buster Koreda! (both arm and leg areas), core parts, leg parts for Super Inazuma Kick (4 parts), Buster Home Run bat accessory (2 parts), joint parts for Giga Drill, six sets of interchangeable hand parts, and a special joint part for use with Tamashii STAGE action figure stands.
Item Code: DEC121797
In Shops: 4/10/2013
SRP: $73.99