ANOVOS' Star Trek: The Original Series - Spock Replica Tunic is a highly accurate recreation of the uniform top worn by Leonard Nimoy during the third season of the original Star Trek series. Using the exact double-knit fabric, elusive diamond-weave neck material, and patterns drawn from a screen-used hero Spock uniform, this tunic will meet every fan expectation even to the most critical eye. ANOVOS offers this exacting replica in Mr. Spock's style with Commander braid formation, containing two full braids for each sleeve. Each tunic features the Science Division Delta Shield Enterprise patch. Taking a page from Spock's "I endeavour to be accurate", ANOVOS recreates only the best of costume replicas. To pass on this would be, simply put, highly illogical!
Item Code: AUG121861
In Shops: 12/5/2012