The classic Star Trek Red Shirt is here! The Season Three edition of the Star Trek Engineering/Security Division Red Tunic is now available using the exact double-knit fabric, elusive diamond-weave neck material, and patterns drawn from a screen-used hero Spock uniform, this top will meet every fan expectation even to the most critical eye - right down to the braid that was given the seal of approval by Greg Jein himself . Tunic features the Services Division Delta Shield Enterprise patch with one braid on each sleeve to denote rank. One last note: The buyer agrees to absolve ANOVOS of all responsibility to the wearer in situations including and not limited to: phaser blasts, incinerations, hypnosis, death, psychotic mind melts, mind control, death by Gorn, Romulan torture, Klingon bludgeoning, dikironium cloud creature death, death by Nomad, vampire cloud maiming, and other hazards.
Item Code: JUL121866
In Shops: 12/5/2012