From Flatiron Film Company! The Guild, the pioneering and award-winning web series, is finally available in a complete box set! Follow The Knights of Good, a band of online video game players, who are addicted to a fictional online role-playing game. Codex (Felicia Day), recently dumped by both her boyfriend and therapist, is completely thrown when her Guild member "Zaboo" shows up on her doorstep. This sets off a chain reaction that brings all the Guildies together offline for the first time. They include "Clara", "Tink", "Bladezz", and Guild Leader, "Vork". Follow the Guildies through six seasons; from pirate-themed burger joint exploits, to a gaming convention road trip, and even INTO the video game! Included are all of the show's iconic music videos, behind-the-scenes for every season, full scripts and more!
Item Code: SEP132521
In Shops: 12/11/2013
SRP: $69.95