Publisher: DUDEBOX LTD.
From Dudebox! Introducing our explosive mini Dudes series of vinyl art collectables, The Big Bang! Ted has a cool edge thanks to Drunk Park. Sebastien Pie adds cutesie sweetness and Dust's ninja is suitably stealthy. Scratch has been turned into a scampering piglet by Attaboy (go Team Bacon!); a ready-to-leap-into-action Shaolin Monk by 2Much and Bunka adds a menacing skull in his trademark style. These are all limited edition collectable mini-figures that come blind boxed. A "blind box" is a type of packaging that hides its contents. It is like a game of lucky dip, which one will you get?
Item Code: NOV131897
In Shops: 1/22/2014
SRP: $9.95