The second set of the Timewalkers block for the World of WarCraft TCG plays homage to the eras of WarCraft and WarCraft II as players get to see even more of the legendary characters from WarCraft lore! Bonds continue to grow with new Humans, Night Elves, Orcs, and Tauren to add to your racial decks! The Timewalkers play a bigger part in Betrayal of the Guardian, offering players new abilities and allies to assist in keeping the past intact. Blister packs have 16 cards per pack with 15 game cards (10 common, 4 uncommon, 1 rare) and 1 hero or crafting/token card. The Epic Collection comes with 1 reusable storage box, 10 card dividers, 1 playmat, 1 deck box, 6 booster packs, 1 pocket guide, 5 random foil heroes, and 1 common loot card ("Floating Spellbook").
Item Code: NOV122035
In Shops: 2/27/2013
SRP: $39.99