Publisher: KOTO INC.
  From Kotobukiya!  After producing innovative chopsticks based on Alien Xenomorphs, Star Wars lightsabers, Neon Genesis Evangelion entry plugs, animals, and more Kotobukiya is proud to return to the historical samurai swords of feudal Japan with four all new sets.  Rule your plate with honor and skill with chopsticks based on the sword of KENSHIN UESUGI!  Featuring the unique black and gold color scheme of Kenshin's blade and scabbard, this set even includes the samurai's crest stamped into the kashiri, or pommel, of the chopsticks.  As a special bonus, included is a special chopstick case and rest featuring Kenshin's family crest!  9 inches long, these chopsticks are fully safety tested and fun for the whole family, designed for eating not fighting.
Item Code: MAY131940
In Shops: 11/20/2013
SRP: $14.99