Publisher: YEN PRESS
(W) Mizuki Nomura
"I am Tohko Amano. As you can see, I am a Book Girl." Two years have passed since Konoha's first encounter with the mysterious girl who thus introduced herself. Guided by this Book Girl who loves books so much that she devours them, Konoha has overcome a lot. But the day of Tohko's graduation is approaching and...suddenly the Book Girl lets slip a confession of her betrayal. Stunned, Konoha is further rattled by Ryuto: "Tohko Amano is gonna disappear." "You should learn who Tohko Amano is." What is the secret Tohko has kept hidden? How will Konoha and Tohko's story conclude?
Item Code: MAY131352
In Shops: 7/17/2013
SRP: $11.99