(W/A) Various (CA) Dennis Calero
Three gritty tales in one hard-hitting collection!
•  When you play poker with a liar, you'll always lose - and in Hell's Kitchen during the Great Depression, a town where justice is a game, blind Matt Murdock is about to learn that painful lesson.
•  Wealthy adventurer Tony Stark has a deadly addiction to danger. Obsession and a need for fortune and glory ignite his genius mind to find new ways to put himself at risk, but what secret is driving him toward almost certain death?
•  Urban legend Luke Cage has been released from Riker's, but he soon finds out there's one hell of a price to being free. Is Luke destined to be a hero for hire? Or just a chump for a double-crossing set-up?
Collecting DAREDEVIL NOIR #1-4, LUKE CAGE NOIR #1-4 and IRON MAN NOIR #1-4.
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In Shops: 6/12/2013
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