(W) Bill Mantlo (A) Mike Mignola (CA) Steve McNiven
• Relive the early adventures of the furry, feisty breakout star of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!
•  Captain of the starship Rack 'n' Ruin, chief ranger of Halfworld, Rocket protects the Keystone Quadrant!
•  When the Toy War erupts, Rocket and his first mate Wal Russ must team with Bucky O'Hare!
•  Can they triumph over killer clowns, defeat Lord Dyvyne and Judson Jakes, and cure Halfworld's insane population, the Loonies?
•  Oh, and Rocket's a talking raccoon from outer space. We mentioned that, right?
•  Collecting ROCKET RACCOON #1-4.
Item Code: JUN130618
In Shops: 8/28/2013
SRP: $7.99