After a very long and anticipated wait, ANOVOS is proud to present the official Battlestar Galactica patches! In association with the original patch maker, each patch made for production will be crafted using the same manufacturers and materials as used on the show. The patch offerings feature both exact replicas of the pieces used during actual filming, and newly created patches based off of squadron insignia seen in the series. No expense has been spared to capture the authenticity of these patches, which are indistinguishable (and meant to be indistinguishable) from the ones used in the series. Patches made for the series use exact digital files created and used in production, as well as exact fabrics and threads. Begin your collection of these premium patches with the insignia of the Raptor Pilot, 3rd Squadron (Vigilantes), Viper Pilot, Battlestar Galactica (BSG 75), Battlestar Pegasus (BSG 62), and Battlestar Triton (BST 39).
Item Code: JAN131893
In Shops: 2/27/2013