Publisher: JALIC INC
In his youth Robert Baratheon was a paragon of a man, stronger and larger than most others on the battlefield. His chosen weapon was a war hammer of such immense size his friend Ned Stark could not wield it. The hammer was forged by Donal Noye while he was still the smith at Storm's End, and Robert's prowess with it was legendary. In tournaments he was never much for jousting, preferring a melee where he could bludgeon his opponents senseless. The hammer's haft is made of steel with genuine leather wrap and  24k gold plated accent rings. The head features cast metal with antique finish and gold painted inlay and measures 14.5" long. Overall, the Robert Baratheon's Warhammer replica measures 44" long and weighs 10 pounds.
Item Code: DEC131923
In Shops: 2/26/2014