Following the success of 2013's 50th Anniversary Specials, Panini's "bookazines" continue with a new series: The Essential Doctor Who! The first edition is devoted to the Cybermen, the emotionless silver giants that first appeared on Doctor Who in 1966, and most recently menaced Matt Smith's Doctor in his final adventure. In terms of audience recognition and popularity, the Cybermen are second only to the Daleks. The Essential Doctor Who: Cybermen is a lavish and comprehensive guide featuring details of every Cyberman episode. There are new and previously unpublished interviews with the writers, designers and actors who brought the Cybermen to life, details of an unmade Cybermen story from the 1970s, and even a guide to walking like a Cyberman by Doctor Who's choreographer! Details of Cyberman comics, novels, audio stories, toys and collectables complete this essential guide to one of the Doctor's most enduring adversaries!
Item Code: APR141662
In Shops: 6/25/2014
SRP: $19.99