(W/A) Various (CA) Alé Garza & Various
Zenescope Entertainment has reinvigorated the collector's market with their sexy pinup style exclusive variant covers on their comics, and is now offering a small 4-pack of some of the highlight issues from 2012. These exclusive packs feature number one issues for Fly: The Fall, Grimm Fairy Tales: Bad Girls, Myths and Legends, and the Wonderland ongoing series. These even feature some of the biggest cover artists in the industry, including Ale Garza, Elias Chatzoudis, and Jamie Tyndall. There are only a limited number of these packs available, so get them fast! Includes: GFT Bad Girls #1 Cover D (Limited to 250 copies), Wonderland #05 Cover C (Limited to 500 copies), GFT Myths & Legends #22 Cover C (Limited to 750 copies), Fly The Fall #01 Cover D (Limited to 500 copies).
Item Code: APR131356
In Shops: 6/26/2013
SRP: $84.99