(W/A/CA) Stan Sakai
A samurai's sword is more than his weapon-it is his soul. As such, he must prove himself worthy of possessing a daisho, a matched pair of swords.

In his years as a warrior, fighting injustice and honing his spiritual and martial skills, Miyamoto Usagi has more than earned his swords. After braving many a battle and surviving tremendous bloodshed, Usagi continues his warrior pilgrimage. This volume finds him the reluctant participant in a duel for blood money, and, later, enraged at the theft of his swords, Usagi pledges a new oath-to track the leader of a roving band of brigands and retrieve his daisho.

o Usagi Yojimbo: Daisho 2nd edition is newly rescanned from Stan Sakai's original art and features new story notes! Includes an introduction by James Robinson.

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