PREVIEWSworld’s Featured This Week Comics and Graphic Novels for 3/25

Every week we call attention to those books and graphic novels which stand out from all the rest. These titles from Premier Vendors and independent publishers should be at the top of your list, and can be found at your local comic shop on March 18.

Pastaways #1
Dark Horse Comics

(W) Matt Kindt
(A/CA) Scott Kolins

2015: the distant past. A crash landing strands five deep-time explorers in a primitive world of internal-combustion engines and Internet 1.0 and tears a rift in space-time that spouts dinosaurs, giant robots, and other strange phenomena! Only the marooned "PastAways" can defend the twenty-first century, unless the tensions of their unexpectedly prolonged mission tear them apart!

Item Code: JAN150085
Price: $3.99
In Shops 3/25/2015

Batman Eternal #51
DC Comics

(W) Scott Snyder & Various
(A) Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez
(Cover) Cliff Chiang

The epic Bat-story over a year in the making comes to a stunning end! Gotham City is in flames! Villains are running wild in the streets! Bat-tech has been corrupted! And the mastermind behind it all has put a knife in Batman's ribs! How will the Dark Knight put an end to this nightmare...and how will it shape the face of Gotham City to come?

Item Code: JAN150303
Price: $2.99
PREVIEWS Page #116
In Shops 3/25/2015

Multiversity Ultra Comics #1
DC Comics

(W) Grant Morrison
(A) Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy
(CA) Doug Mahnke

With the Multiverse under attack, a team of scientists create one final savior to take on the otherworldly threat...and its name is Ultra Comics! Literally held in your hands, one being will attempt to halt the annihilation of creation - and you, the reader, will have a front-row seat as you become an integral part of the resistance!

Item Code: JAN150233
Price: $4.99
In Shops 3/25/2015

Jem & The Holograms #1
IDW Publishing

(W) Kelly Thompson
(A) Sophie Campbell
(Cover) Sophie Campbell, Amy Mebberson

Showtime, Synergy! Meet Jerrica Benton-a girl with a secret. She and her sister Kimber team with two friends to become... Jem And The Holograms! But what does it mean to be Jem today? Fashion, art, action, and style collide in the most outrageous comic of 2015!

Item Code: JAN150430
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #165
In Shops 3/25/2015

The Walking Dead #139
Image Comics/Skybound

(W) Robert Kirkman
(A) Charlie Adlard & Various
(Cover) Charlie Adlard, Dave Stewart

A new arc begins as our world gets even bigger.

Item Code: JAN150615
Price: $2.99
PREVIEWS Page #225
In Shops 3/25/2015

Darth Vader #3
Marvel Comics

(W) Kieron Gillen
(A) Salvador Larroca
(Cover) Adi Granov

When a Dark Lord needs help, who can he turn to? Meet Aphra-the galaxy's foremost raider of lost weaponry! Plus: could these be the deadly droids she's looking for?

Item Code: JAN150740
Price: $3.99
In Shops 3/25/2015

Guardians Of The Galaxy #25
Marvel Comics

(W) Brian Michael Bendis
(A/Cover) Valerio Schiti

Chapter 7 of the Black Vortex! Double-sizes spectacular! Rocket and Magik in action! Beast defeated and broken! Gamora on the offensive! Ronan deposed! Star-Lord defiant! Nova gives chase! This issue surely has it all!

Item Code: JAN150752
Price: $4.99
In Shops 3/25/2015

Munchkin #3
BOOM! Studios

(W) Tom Siddell, Jim Zub
(A) Ian McGinty, Rian Sygh
(Cover) Ian McGinty

Based on the popular game of the same name, the Munchkin comic gives you a whole new way to enjoy the world with Spyke and Flower. In this issue, check out what it's like to be a monster who's door just got kicked in by some Munchkins! Plus, an exclusive game card is included with every copy of the first printing!

Item Code: JAN151158
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #304
In Shops 3/25/2015

Superman: Doomed HC
DC Comics

(W) Scott Lobdell & Various
(A) Aaron Kuder & Various
(Cover) Aaron Kuder

It's Superman vs. Doomsday as you've never seen it before! In this New 52 epic, Superman's battle against Doomsday is only the beginning, as the Man of Steel becomes infected with Doomsday's powers and traits! How can he overcome this threat that comes from inside himself?

Item Code: NOV140304
Price: $49.99
PREVIEWS Page #123
In Shops 3/25/2015

Nemo: River Of Ghosts HC
Top Shelf

(W) Alan Moore
(A/Cover) Kevin O'Neill

In a world where all the fictions ever written coalesce into a rich mosaic, it's 1975. Janni Dakkar, pirate queen of Lincoln Island and head of the fabled Nemo family, is eighty years old and beginning to display a tenuous grasp on reality. Pursuing shadows from her past - or her imagination - she embarks on what may be a final voyage down the vastness of the Amazon

Item Code: JAN151622
Price: $14.95
PREVIEWS Page #386
In Shops 3/25/2015

Low Volume 1: The Delirium Of Hope TP
Image Comics

(W) Rick Remender
(A/Cover) Greg Tocchini

Millennia ago, mankind fled the earth's surface into the bottomless depths of the darkest oceans. Shielded from a merciless sun's scorching radiation, the human race tried to stave off certain extinction by sending robotic probes far into the galaxy. Collects Low #1-6.

Item Code: DEC140670
Price: $9.99
PREVIEWS Page #220
In Shops 3/25/2015

Wolverine Origin II TP
Marvel Comics

(W) Kieron Gillen
(A/Cover) Adam Kubert

The next chapter in the story of the man who will become Wolverine! In his short life, Logan has seen such suffering. Little wonder he sought sanctuary in the wilderness, far from humanity. Just him and the wolves, hunting, surviving. But when tragedy strikes his adopted home, Logan is forced back into the world. Collecting ORIGIN II #1-5.

Item Code: DEC140989
Price: $19.99
In Shops 3/25/2015

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