Every week we call attention to those books and graphic novels which stand out from all the rest. These titles from Premier Vendors and independent publishers should be at the top of your list, and can be found at your local comic shop on October 22nd.

Predator — Fire And Stone #1
Dark Horse Comics

(W) Joshua Williamson
(A) Chris Mooneyham
(Cover) Dan Brown, Lucas Graciano

As the Perses begins her long journey home, a deadly stowaway forces the crew into a savage conflict! While the crew defend themselves against this unseen predator, the hunter itself stalks a much more substantial game!

Item Code: REG. (AUG140010) / VAR. (AUG140011)
Price: $3.50
In Shops 10/22/2014

Arkham Manor #1
DC Comics

(W) Gerry Duggan
(A/Cover) Shawn Crystal

When catastrophe strikes Arkham Asylum, where will Gotham City house the world's most dangerous criminals, and when inmates are found murdered, what is Batman prepared to do in search of justice? Arkham's madness comes home in Arkham Manor!

Item Code: AUG140199
Price: $2.99
In Shops 10/22/2014

Deathstroke #1
DC Comics

(W) Tony S. Daniel
(A) Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea
(Cover) Tony S. Daniel

The DCU's deadliest assassin stars in his own ongoing series by writer/artist Tony S. Daniel! See him as never before in this explosive new series, with one surprise after another as we see Slade Wilson in the fight of his life!

Item Code: AUG140203
Price: $2.99
In Shops 10/22/2014

TMNT Ghostbusters #1
IDW Publishing

(W) Erik Burnham, Tom Waltz
(A/Cover) Dan Schoening

When a new invention goes haywire, the Turtles are sent to a whole new type of New York City. One with a whole lot more ghosts... and Ghostbusters! The two teams will have to learn to get along quickly, because a new foe from the Turtles past has followed them and aims to conquer NYC!

Item Code: AUG140392
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #156
In Shops 10/22/2014

The Walking Dead #133
Image Comics/Skybound

(W) Robert Kirkman
(A) Charlie Adlard & Various
(Cover) Charlie Adlard, Dave Stewart

Impending Doom. Mature Readers.

Item Code: AUG140661
Price: $2.99
PREVIEWS Page #232
In Shops 10/22/2014

The Amazing Spider-Man #8
Marvel Comics

(W) Dan Slott
(A/Cover) Giuseppe Camuncoli

MC2 Spider-Girl finds herself and her family under attack from the mysterious forces behind Spider-Verse!

Item Code: AUG140800
Price: $3.99
In Shops 10/22/2014

Avengers And X-Men Axis #3
Marvel Comics

(W) Rick Remender
(A) Leinil Francis Yu
(Covr) Jim Cheung

With the heroes lost, the world's fate lies in the hands of the vilest syndicate known to man. Will Scarlet Witch be forced to join Dr. Doom (the man who unleashed her power to cause M-Day), or she will watch those she loves most die. The return of one of the Marvel Universe's great villains! An Avenger quits, a heart is broken, and the world as we know it is gone.

Item Code: AUG140731
Price: $3.99
In Shops 10/22/2014

13 Coins #1
Titan Comics

(W) Martin Brennan, Michael B. Jackson
(A/Cover) Simon Bisley

From Eisner award winning artist, Simon Bisley, and the screenwriters of Hitman: Absolution, comes the story of a new superhero: the story of John Pozner, a tormented ex-con on a quest for vengeance when he discovers that he is descended from angels, and is the living key to Earth's future, or Heaven's fall.

Item Code: JUN141439
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #382
In Shops 10/22/2014

B.P.R.D. Plague Of Frogs TP
Dark Horse Comics

(W) Brian Augustyn & Various
(A) Guy Davis & Various
(CA) Mike Mignola

In 2001, Hellboy quit the B.P.R.D., leaving Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, and a bizarre roster of special agents to defend the world from any occult threats and the growing menace of the frog army. Collects B.P.R.D.: Hollow Earth & Other Stories, B.P.R.D.: The Soul of Venice & Other Stories, and B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs.

Item Code: JUN140016
Price: $19.99
In Shops 10/22/2014

Harley Quinn Volume 1: Hot In The City HC
DC Comics

(W) Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti
(A) Amanda Conner & Various
(Cover) Amanda Conner

The sensational series that gave Harley Quinn her own New 52 spotlight is collected in hardcover for the first time, from the star-studded #0 issue to issue #8! Don't miss Harley's big move to Coney Island as she becomes a roller derby queen - all while she carries on in her criminal career!

Item Code: JUN140279
Price: $24.99
PREVIEWS Page #133
In Shops 10/22/2014

The Last Unicorn TP
IDW Publishing

(W) Peter S. Beagle, Peter B. Gillis
(A/CA) Renae De

The best-selling graphic novel of the adaptation of Peter S. Beagle's novel with art by Renae De Liz. The Last Unicorn is a tale for any age about the wonders of magic, the power of love, and the tragedy of loss. A unicorn, alone in her enchanted wood, discovers that she may be the last of her kind. Reluctant at first, she sets out on a journey to find her fellow unicorns.

Item Code: AUG140515
Price: $19.99
PREVIEWS Page #189
In Shops 10/22/2014

Hulk Volume 1: Banner DOA TP
Marvel Comics

(W) Mark Waid
(A) Mark Bagley

Following the shocking events of the Indestructible Hulk finale, Bruce Banner lies at death's door, shot in the head by an unknown assailant. If he survives, it won't be as the Bruce Banner we've known! Only the Hulk can save Banner - if he even wants to! How will the Hulk wreak vengeance on Banner's attacker? Collecting Hulk (2014) #1-4 and Annual #1.

Item Code: JUL140727
Price: $12.99
In Shops 10/22/2014

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