PREVIEWSworld’s Featured This Week Comics and Graphic Novels for 2/10

Every week PREVIEWSworld calls attention to those books and graphic novels which stand out from all the rest. These titles from Premier Vendors and independent publishers should be at the top of your list, and can be found at your local comic shop on February 10.

Harrow County #9
Dark Horse Comics

(W) Cullen Bunn
(A) Carla Speed McNeil
(CA) Tyler Crook

Emmy knows the Skinless Boy simply as her silent and grisly protector, but the mysteries of his life and afterlife run much deeper than the powerful young witch could ever know. Now, briefly reunited with his disembodied tattered skin, the Skinless Boy explores the secrets of his lost past.

Item Code: DEC150078
Price: $3.99
In Shops 2/10/2016

Batman: #49
DC Comics

(W) Scott Snyder
(A/CA) Yanick Paquette

It is time. Bruce Wayne has reclaimed his true past as Batman. Now he must descend into the cave and face what he once was. Can he truly leave behind a life free from the pain and anguish of the Bat? Can he plunge once more into the madness and purpose that once consumed him? In this special, thrilling issue, watch as the fate of Bruce Wayne, and Batman, is decided once and for all.

Item Code: DEC150271
Price: $3.99
In Shops 2/10/2016

Batman — Arkham Night: Batgirl & Harley Quinn #1
DC Comics

(W) Tim Seeley
(A) Matthew Clark & Various
(CA) Matthew Clark

Now runs 40 pages and includes two stories. One starring Batgirl and Harley Quinn, plus a story starring Batgirl! In the 20-page Batgirl and Harley Quinn story, Barbara Gordon struggles with her role as Gotham City's newest masked avenger, while Arkham Asylum's Dr. Harleen Quinzel battles her own inner demons as her criminal career as Harley Quinn is just beginning.

Item Code: DEC150298
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #105
In Shops 2/10/2016

Jem & The Holograms Valentine’s Day Special 2016 #1
IDW Publishing

(W) Kelly Thompson
(A) Corin Howell
(CA) Sara Richard

ONE NIGHT ONLY! Tensions run high between Jem And The Holograms and The Misfits as their tour kicks into high gear! And now, the sound buried in Synergy programming-the one that's been profoundly affecting all those who hear it-has just changed its tune! For one night only-Valentine's Day-it's making friends of enemies with sometimes dangerous consequences!

Item Code: DEC150486
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #164
In Shops 2/10/2016

Descender #10
Image Comics

(W) Jeff Lemire
(A/CA) Dustin Nguyen

Brand new character "Queen Between!" As TIM-21 dives deeper into the mysteries of the Machine Moon-the amazing artificial world of the robot resistance-Andy, Driller, and Bandit come face to face with a startling new group called the Between.

Item Code: DEC150554
Price: $2.99
PREVIEWS Page #190
In Shops 2/10/2016

Spider-Man Deadpool #2
Marvel Comics

(W) Joe Kelly
(A/CA) Ed McGuinness

Spidey and Deady (Pooly?) get a visit from MILES MORALES! A goblin invasion puts Deadpool and the Spider-Men in a tight spot!

Item Code: DEC150806
Price: $3.99
In Shops 2/10/2016

Old Man Logan #2
Marvel Comics

(W) Jeff Lemire
(A/CA) Andrea Sorrentino

For Old Man Logan, home is a wasteland in the distant future, one overridden by hillbilly Hulks who extort and torture civilians for fun. But now, mysteriously finding himself in the present, Logan is hellbent on preventing that future from coming to pass. And the best way to keep the Hulk population from surging in the future is to eliminate them altogether in the present...starting with Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk!

Item Code: DEC150848
Price: $3.99
In Shops 2/10/2016

Invader Zim #7
Oni Press

(W) Kyle Starks
(A) Dave Crossland
(CA) Kyle Starks

ZIM's tragic past revealed? Nope! No. Never. Why. But other things will be revealed! Critically acclaimed comedy cartoonist Kyle Starks and also critically acclaimed cartoonist Dave Crosland join forces on this explosive issue!

Item Code: NOV151543
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #359
In Shops 2/10/2016

Batman Harley And Ivy Deluxe Edition HC
DC Comics

(W) Paul Dini, Ty Templeton
(A) Bruce Timm & Various
(CA) Bruce Timm

From Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, the masterminds behind the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series, comes this early adventure of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, packed with hilarious hijinx and tons of action! Harley and Ivy want to take down the Batman once and for all, but first, Harley's got to prove that she has what it takes to make it as a bona fide villain in Gotham City.

Item Code: OCT150255
Price: $24.99
PREVIEWS Page #122
In Shops 2/10/2016

The Dark Knight Returns New Edition TP
DC Comics

(W) Frank Miller
(A) Frank Miller, Klaus Janson
(CA) Frank Miller

It's the thirtieth anniversary of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, and now DC Comics presents this classic title in a newly redesigned edition! Ten years after an aging Batman retired, Gotham City has sunk deeper into decadence and lawlessness. Now, when his city needs him most, the Dark Knight returns in a blaze of glory. Joined by Carrie Kelly, a teenaged Robin, Batman takes to the streets to end the threat of the mutant gangs that have overrun the city.

Item Code: NOV150279
Price: $19.99
PREVIEWS Page #118
In Shops 2/10/2016

Deadpool Firsts TP
Marvel Comics

(W/A/CA) Various

He's your number one, and these are his #1s! (Plus some other weird numbers.) Deadpool's dazzling debut steals the New Mutants' spotlight, leading to his very first limited series. Then brace yourself as the degenerate regenerates into nine new titles! The ever-social sociopath gives top billing to his bro Cable, teams up with a demigod and even hangs with his own zombified head before assembling a whole Corps of alternate Deadpools!

Item Code: NOV150949
Price: $34.99
In Shops 2/10/2016

Love And Rockets New Stories Volume 8 TP
Fantagraphics Books

(W/A/CA) Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez

Jaime takes us to the punk reunion that Maggie & Hopey were road tripping to in the last issue where lots of old friends and enemies make appearances. Meanwhile, Gilbert serves up the second and concluding part of "The Magic Voyage of Aladdin," which establishes the rivalry of its two stars, Fritz and Mila. Who's Mila, you ask? You'll have to read Love and Rockets: New Stories No. 8 to find out!

Item Code: OCT151450
Price: $14.99
PREVIEWS Page #332
In Shops 2/10/2016

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