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Every week we call attention to those books and graphic novels which stand out from all the rest. These titles from Premier Vendors and independent publishers should be at the top of your list, and can be found at your local comic shop on July 8.

Rebels #4
Dark Horse Comics

(W) Brian Wood
(A) Andrea Mutti
(Cover) Tula Lotay

With Mercy pushed to the back of his mind, Seth is free to commit one hundred percent to the war for independence and to the special assignment General George Washington has in mind for him.

Item Code: MAY150023
Price: $3.99
In Shops 7/8/2015

Batman #42
DC Comics

(W) Scott Snyder
(A) Greg Capullo, Danny Miki
(Cover) Greg Capullo

More surprises around every corner as the all-new Batman hits the streets of Gotham City!

Item Code: MAY150183
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #111
In Shops 7/8/2015

Justice League Of America #2
DC Comics

(W) Bryan Hitch
(A) Bryan Hitch, Wade Von
(Cover) Bryan Hitch

The JLA learns more about the armada of religious zealots that has arrived on Earth - and their stunning ties to Krypton!

Item Code: MAY150124
Price: $3.99
In Shops 7/8/2015

Starfire #2
DC Comics

(W) Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti
(A) Emanuela Lupacchino
(Cover) Amanda Conner

Florida is so nice this time of year...the warm weather...the beach...and Starfire beating the crud out of the bad guys! You should really try to get down there and see for yourself.

Item Code: MAY150174
Price: $2.99
PREVIEWS Page #107
In Shops 7/8/2015

Star Trek/Green Lantern #1
IDW Publishing

(W) Mike Johnson
(A) Angel Hernandez
(Cover) Francesco Francavilla

The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise meets the Green Lantern Corps for the first time in an all-new adventure that spans the cosmos! Don't miss the thrilling first chapter of THE SPECTRUM WAR, as Kirk and Spock make a most unusual discovery on a lost world.

Item Code: MAY150302
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #159
In Shops 7/8/2015

The Walking Dead #144
Image Comics/Skybound

(W) Robert Kirkman
(A) Charlie Adlard & Various
(CA) Charlie Adlard, Dave Stewart

Is Carl in danger the longer he stays with The Whisperers? Has security on the Hilltop been compromised? And will anything really matter if Alpha unleashes her horde of zombies? Mature Readers.

Item Code: MAY150508
Price: $2.99
PREVIEWS Page #226
In Shops 7/8/2015

Saga #30
Image Comics

(W) Brian K. Vaughan
(A/Cover) Fiona Staples

Sooner or later, everything dies. Mature Readers.

Item Code: MAY150502
Price: $2.99
PREVIEWS Page #225
In Shops 7/8/2015

Star Wars: Lando #1
Marvel Comics

(W) Charles Soule
(A) Alex Maleev

Before he joined the rebellion, before he ran Cloud City, Lando made his way in the galaxy getting by on some swindles, some swagger, and a smile.

Item Code: MAY150764
Price: $3.99
In Shops 7/8/2015

Civil War #1
Marvel Comics

(W) Charles Soule
(A/Cover) Leinil Francis Yu

The Civil War never ended. Welcome to the Warzone, where six years of non-stop battle between the forces of the Blue and the Iron have split the nation down its center, utterly transforming it. In a world of new alliances and strange enemies, President Tony Stark and General Steve Rogers meet to make one last attempt at peace.

Item Code: MAY150682
Price: $4.99
In Shops 7/8/2015

Age Of Apocalypse #1
Marvel Comics

(W) Fabian Nicieza
(A/Cover) Gerardo Sandoval

His war has been won. The few humans left alive are enslaved, the mutant rebellion crushed. En Sabah Nur, the Apocalypse, rules his Battleworld kingdom without mercy, but the terrorist X-MEN plan to end his reign. Success means finding one very special mutant named CYPHER and unleashing a weapon that will kill Apocalypse -- and possibly all mutants, too!

Item Code: MAY150692
Price: $4.99
In Shops 7/8/2015

Archie #1
Archie Comics

(W) Mark Waid
(A/Cover) Fiona Staples

As the new school year approaches, you'd think Archie Andrews would be looking forward to classes and fun-but nothing is as it seems in the little town of Riverdale. But is this a one-off or a sign of bigger changes awaiting for America's favorite teens - and the entire town? Find out in this exciting and remarkable first issue!

Item Code: APR151026
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #272
In Shops 7/8/2015

Strange Fruit #1
BOOM! Studios

(W) Mark Waid, J. G. Jones
(A/Cover) J. G. Jones

It's 1927 in the town of Chatterlee, Mississippi, drowned by heavy rains. The Mississippi River is rising, threatening to break open not only the levees, but also the racial and social divisions of this former plantation town. A fiery messenger from the skies heralds the appearance of a being, one that will rip open the tensions in Chatterlee.

Item Code: APR151180
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #301
In Shops 7/8/2015

Invader Zim #1
Oni Press

(W) Jhonen Vasquez
(A) Aaron Alexovich & Various
(Cover) Aaron Alexovich

ZIM and his filthy evil ways have been gone for what feels like years.  But Dib KNOWS the alien menace will rear his head again, and he won't leave the house, or his 900 security monitors, until it happens.  And it WILL happen.  Oh, it WILL.

Item Code: MAY151468
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #375
In Shops 7/8/2015

Batman Eternal Volume 2 TP
DC Comics

(W) Scott Snyder & Various
(A) Jason Fabok & Various
(Cover) Clay Mann

After Commissioner Gordon's arrest, Batman's world is turned upside down in these stories from issues #22-34 of the hit weekly series. New allies emerge, old allies fall and his rogues gallery of villains are not quite who they seem. Can Batman adapt to the changing status quo?

Item Code: APR150286
Price: $39.99
PREVIEWS Page #131
In Shops 7/8/2015

They’re Not Like Us Volume 1: Black Holes For The Young TP
Image Comics

(W) Eric Stephenson
(A/Cover) Simon Gane, Jordie Bellaire

Special Low Introductory Price! They look the same, but they act different, they think different, and they have abilities we can only dream of. They're not like us. Collects They're Not Like Us #1-6.

Item Code: MAY150507
Price: $9.99
PREVIEWS Page #234
In Shops 7/8/2015

Skylanders Return Of The Dragon King HC
IDW Publishing

(W) Ron Marz, David Rodriguez
(A) David Baldeon
(Cover) Fico Ossio

One of Spyro's most malevolent and powerful enemies makes his Skylanders debut! And nothing Spyro, Hex, Cynder or the rest of the Skylanders do can prepare them for the evil that is about to be unleashed! The return of the first purple dragon, Malefor!

Item Code: APR150436
Price: $12.99
PREVIEWS Page #178
In Shops 7/8/2015

Thor Volume 2: Who Holds The Hammer Premier HC
Marvel Comics

(W) Jason Aaron & Various
(A) Russell Dauterman & Various
(CA) Paulo Siqueira

Who is the new Thor? That's the question on everyone's lips. Most especially the original Thor! And now he starts to narrow down the list of suspects. Meanwhile, tensions continue to flare between the All-Mother and All-Father, Malekith the Dark Elf forges his most dangerous pact yet, and the new Thor prepares to face her greatest challenge: the unstoppable machine of death and destruction that is...the Destroyer! Collecting Thor (2014) #6-8 and Annual #1.

Item Code: APR150903
Price: $24.99
In Shops 7/8/2015

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