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Every week we call attention to those books and graphic novels which stand out from all the rest. These titles from Premier Vendors and independent publishers should be at the top of your list, and can be found at your local comic shop on April 22.

Frankenstein Underground #2
Dark Horse Comics

(W) Mike Mignola
(A) Ben Stenbeck
(Cover) Mike Mignola

Chased by his tormentors into the center of the earth, Frankenstein's monster becomes prey for a different kind of creature.

Item Code: FEB150071
Price: $3.50
In Shops 4/22/2015

Convergence #3
DC Comics

(W) Jeff King
(A) Stephen Segovia, Jason Paz
(CA) Stephen Segovia

Major plans are set in motion as Green Lantern and the others follow Deimos into the lost city of Skartaris to find Rip Hunter and the missing Time Masters, who could be their only hope of escape from this apocalypse for Infinite Earths!

Item Code: FEB150146
Price: $3.99
In Shops 4/22/2015

Convergence: Justice League America #1
DC Comics

(W) Fabian Nicieza
(A/Cover) ChrisCross

Starring Heroes From Crisis On Infinite Earths! With their heavy hitters sidelined, Elongated Man must lead the much-maligned "Detroit Justice League" against the overwhelming power of the heroes from the Tangent Universe!

Item Code: FEB150204
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #109
In Shops 4/22/2015

Uncle Scrooge #1
IDW Publishing

(W) Jonathan Gray, Rodolfo Cimino
(A) Romano Scarpa
(Cover) Giorgio Cavazzano

Wak! Disney's richest epic hero returns! In "The Wrath of Gigabeagle," the McDuck Money Bin meets a monster-sized Beagle Boy mech!

Item Code: FEB150309
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #158
In Shops 4/22/2015

Kaptara #1
Image Comics

(W) Chip Zdarsky
(A/Cover) Kagan McLeod

A space expedition goes horribly wrong because if it didn't there would be no story! Reluctant explorer Keith Kanga and his crew crash land on KAPTARA, a world filled with danger and weird danger and dangerous weirdos! And if he can't survive then earth, the place where YOU live, is doomed!

Item Code: FEB150480
Price: $3.50
PREVIEWS Page #202
In Shops 4/22/2015

Star Wars #4
Marvel Comics

(W) Jason Aaron
(A/Cover) John Cassaday

The Greatest Space Adventure Of All Time Continues! Luke Skywalker is NOT a Jedi. Not yet, at least. He's only ever met one Jedi in his life...and he died.  So, Luke's quest leads him back to Obi-Wan's hut...on Tatooine.

Item Code: FEB150684
Price: $3.99
In Shops 4/22/2015

GOTG & X-Men — The Black Vortex
Marvel Comics

(W) Sam Humphries
(A) Ed McGuinness

The Black Vortex Ends Here! When an entire planet, and potentially the entire galaxy, is caught in the crosshairs of Knife's cosmically empowered forces, the Guardians and the X-Men face their final test. With billions of lives at stake, our heroes are forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. But in gaining the power to potentially defeat Knife, by submitting to the Black Vortex, could they have given up their humanity forever?

Item Code: FEB150741
Price: $4.99
In Shops 4/22/2015

Adventure Time #39
BOOM! Studios/kaboom!

(W) Christopher Hastings, Kat Leyh
(A) Zachary Sterling, Kat Leyh
(Cover) George Bletsis

The entire world of Ooo is not able to cook but Jake comes through and saves the day with his sandwiches. It's not over yet, though, as the witch is gonna summon her ultimate monster baddie.

Item Code: FEB151188
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #317
In Shops 4/22/2015

Batman ‘66 Volume 2 TP
DC Comics

(W) Jeff Parker, Tom Peyer
(A) Ty Templeton & Various
(CA) Michael Allred

In this volume of tales pulled from issues #6-10 of the digital-first series, King Tut returns to challenge the Dynamic Duo with his most far-reaching plan yet to rule the modern Thebes known as Gotham City! Plus, Batman and Robin meet the Bookworm, face off with False Face and more!

Item Code: JAN150377
Price: $14.99
PREVIEWS Page #143
In Shops 4/22/2015

Image Comics

(W) Mark Millar
(A/Cover) Duncan Fregredo

Growing up in Detroit, Roscoe and his friends know all about hard luck. But their fates take a different turn when they stumble upon a street drug called MPH-little pills that give them the power of super speed, and the opportunity of a lifetime. But zooming through their riches has its downsides. When time is your only asset, what happens when the clock runs out?

Item Code: FEB150530
Price: $14.99
PREVIEWS Page #236
In Shops 4/22/2015

Wolverines Volume 1: Dancing With The Devil TP
Marvel Comics

(W) Charles Soule, Ray Fawkes
(A) Nick Bradshaw & Various
(Cover) Nick Bradshaw

From the pages of Death Of Wolverine! Logan may be dead - but what will happen to his mortal remains, encased in Adamantium? The battle for control of this valuable artifact has begun, death is on the books for a dozen heroes and villains, and Mystique is playing chess with them all! Collecting Wolverines #1-5.

Item Code: JAN150898
Price: $15.99
In Shops 4/22/2015

Scott Pilgrim Volume 6 Color HC
Oni Press

(W/A/Cover) Bryan Lee O'Malley

Scott Pilgrim has faced down six of Ramona Flowers's evil exes but now that the happy couple is no more, was it even worth it? And if Scott and Ramona aren't together, then why do the ominous messages from Gideon Graves keep coming? This the end of the SCOTT PILGRIM saga like you've never seen it before!

Item Code: AUG141586
Price: $24.99
PREVIEWS Page #353
In Shops 4/22/2015

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