Dark Horse Comics

(W) Mark Evanier
(A/Cover) Sergio Aragones, Tom Yeates

Eisner Award winners Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragonés team with the incomparable Thomas Yeates for a crossover thousands of years in the making. Groo vs. Conan pits the two most feared barbarians in comics against one another. Will the savagery of Conan overwhelm the stupidity of Groo, or will Groo's unmatched aptitude for destruction catch the Cimmerian swordsman off guard?

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Price: $3.50
In Shops 8/27/2014

DC Comics

(W) Geoff Johns
(A/Cover) John Romita, Klaus Janson

Geoff Johns and John Romita, Jr. continue their epic Superman run with chapter 3 of "The Men Of Tomorrow." Introducing the bizarre villain known as The Machinist - the man behind the recent technological attacks on Metropolis. But what is his strange connection to Superman? Where is he from? And what does The Machinist want with The Daily Planet? Plus, the mystery behind the disaster at the Ulysses Research Lab sends Clark on an investigation that will reveal a dark secret from his past.

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Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #101
In Shops 8/27/2014

DC Comics

(W/A) Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti

The first rule of Skate Club is...you do not mess with the Mistress of Mayhem! Harley stumbles across an underground fight club where big money winds with a body count. She's in...and she's making Sy Borgman her agent for the fights. But what happens when love gets in the way?

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Price: $2.99
PREVIEWS Page #111
In Shops 8/27/2014

IDW Publishing

(W) Tom Scioli, John Barber
(A/Cover) Tom Scioli

Boots On The Ground! The war has begun-and no bars will be held!  Scarlett's forces go head-to-head with Megatron's hordes-and the most off-beat adventure in comic book history hits a new level of dangerous alliances, deadly invasions, and devastating betrayals!

Item Code: JUN140409
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #175
In Shops 8/27/2014

Image Comics

(W) Brian K. Vaughan
(A/Cover) Fiona Staples

The family is tested. Mature Readers.

Item Code: JUN140570
PREVIEWS Page #230
In Shops 8/27/2014

Marvel Comics

(W) Dan Slott
(A) Ramon K. Perez
(Cover) Alex Ross

Witness another secret chapter from the first days of Spider-Man! What started off as fun-and-games for new villain Clash turns deadly serious. As if that weren't enough, a classic Spider-Man villain joins in on the fun!

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Price: $3.99
Marvel PREVIEWS Page #29
In Shops 8/27/2014

Marvel Comics

(W) Brian Michael Bendis
(A/Cover) Ed McGuinness

Original Sin Tie-In! Nova, the Human Rocket - who once burned a bright streak across the Marvel Universe, gone in a flash. Side-by-side with Star-Lord, Richard Rider fought valiantly to save the universe from Thanos. Left sealed in a twisted and horrific version of our own universe, Richard Rider sacrificed everything to save us. Now, the truth of that sacrifice will finally come to light! Thanos and Star-Lord miraculously reappeared, but Nova was nowhere to be found. The true story about what happened has remained a closely guarded secret between two bitter enemies. Now, thanks to the events of Original Sin, the truth is about to come out!  What happened to Rich Rider in the Cancerverse? How did Star-Lord and Thanos escape their hellish imprisonment? 

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Price: $3.99
Marvel PREVIEWS Page #12
In Shops 8/27/2014

Dynamite Entertainment

(W) Rachel Hastings & Various
(A) Frank Forte & Various
(Cover) Devin Roth

All right! The very first Bob's Burgers comic book, a new series from the creator of the hit TV show, created by Loren Bouchard! Now you can read about the Belcher family (parents Bob and Linda, and their children Tina, Gene and Louise) in brand-new in-canon stories created by the TV show's producers, writers and animators creating all original stories appearing exclusively in this comics series. Each comic includes hilarious installments of: "Louise's Unsolved Mysteries," "Tina's Erotic Friend Fiction," "A Gene Belcher Original Musical," "Letters Written by Linda" and "Bob's Burgers of the Day."

Item Code: JUN141034
Price: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #311
In Shops 8/27/2014

Dark Horse Comics

(W/A/Cover) Kei

Who's that girl with the long green ponytails you've been seeing everywhere? It's Hatsune Miku, the Vocaloid-the synthesizer superstar who's singing your song! She's a global cyber celebrity and a cosplay favorite at conventions. Now Miku's original illustrator, KEI, brings you Hatsune Miku: Unofficial Hatsune Mix, an omnibus manga of the musical adventures (and misadventures!) of Miku and her fellow Vocaloids Rin, Len, Luka, and more in both beautiful black-and-white and charming color!

Item Code: MAR140008
Price: $19.99
In Shops 8/27/2014

DC Comics/Vertigo

(W) Bill Willingham
(A) Mark Buckingham & Various
(Cover) Dan Dos

Rose Red takes the mantle of Paladin of Hope to rally the Fables in the tragic aftermath of "Snow White." A new dark age calls for a new Round Table, with modern knights willing to take on a sacred quest to reassemble the shattered pieces of Fabletown. This new volume collects issues #131-136 of this multiple Eisner-Award-winning series. Mature Readers.

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Price: $19.99
PREVIEWS Page #161
In Shops 8/27/2014

Image Comics

(W) Antony Johnston
(A) Justin Greenwood

22,000 Miles Up, There Is No Backup. Working homicide on an orbiting energy platform, in a five mile long jury-rigged steel city stuffed with a half million people, and no help from your so-called colleagues back on earth, is more than tough...it's murder. Cynical, foul-mouthed veteran Antony Johnston gets partnered with fresh-faced idealist Justin Greenwood for a new crime series with serious attitude!

Item Code: JUN140504
Price: $9.99
PREVIEWS Page #213
In Shops 8/27/2014

Marvel Comics

(W) Cullen Bunn
(A) Salva Espin, Aaron Kim Jacinto
(Cover) Glenn Fabry

Come one, come all, for the bloodiest showdown the Marvel Universe has ever seen! It's two red-suited madmen for the price of one when Deadpool takes on Carnage in the ultimate battle of good-crazy vs. bad-crazy! Will Carnage spread Deadpool all over the landscape? Or will Deadpool talk the scarlet sociopath's ear off? It's a return to bloody, murderous form for the deadliest killer in the Marvel Universe! Collecting Deadpool Vs. Carnage #1-4 and Superior Carnage Annual #1.

Item Code: MAY140932
Price: $16.99
Marvel PREVIEWS Page #95
In Shops 8/27/2014