Publisher: GKIDS
From Shout! Factory! Two classic Jackie Chan brawlers on one disc!

Battle Creek Brawl: It's 1930 and Jerry Kwan (Jackie Chan) takes a trip to America seeking fame and fortune. Kwan's father is forced to pay the Mob but Jerry fights back and picks a fight with members of the mob. Seen as a potential, the mob kidnap's Jerry's sister-in-law and forces him to fight in the Battle Creek Brawl: an anything-goes martial arts competition!

City Hunter:  While searching for the daughter of a Japanese publisher, private investigator Ryu Saeba (Jackie Chan) and his assistant Kaori find themselves caught in the middle of a cruise liner hijacked by American criminals and take passengers hostage!
Item Code: JUN132449
In Shops: 7/31/2013
SRP: $12.99