From WizKids/NECA. Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself is a six-month Storyline Organized Play event that will energize the player community and inspire new players to join the fight to protect the fate of two worlds - Earth and Asgard, legendary home of the Norse Gods! In addition to highly desirable competitive prizes not found anywhere else, there will be monthly participation prizes that players can use to customize and build their very own collection of the Hammers of the Worthy! Prepare for an unparalleled series of challenges as your players battle for six months; will they be Worthy or will they be Mighty? Each Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself Month Two OP Kit includes prizes to run your second Fear Itself storyline OP event in your store.  Each kit contains 4 Limited Edition competitive prizes, as well as one participation prize for up to 20 players. Also included are a Month Two instructional event sheet and 10 double-sided maps for use during your Fear Itself Month Two event. Scheduled in stores 06/26/13. (6338)

Item Code: FEB138562
In Shops: 6/26/2013