Publisher: YAMATO USA INC.
From Yamato USA! The beloved natural guardian Elin has come to life in 3-dimensional form from the online game TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea, produced by Bluehole Studio, well-known for its beautiful graphics and battle action system. The Elin, an innocent, nature-loving race, is one of the races in Tera. They are child-like in appearance but, contrary to their baby-faced nature, can be rather dark and serious, with a vicious sense of humor. This figure wears a Berberos robe. She protects her colleagues in battle using the power of nature and spirits. Elin becomes one of the most spectacularly figurative pieces with an exquisite color scheme and delicate sculpture. Sculpted by French Doll, she features an ABS base with mirror coating.
Item Code: MAY132028
In Shops: 8/21/2013
SRP: $169.99