Publisher: PAIZO, INC
(W) Matt Smith
Deceitful, daring, and diminutive, kobolds creep into your campaign with Pathfinder Player Companion: Kobolds of Golarion. Learn the dastardly ways and sinister secrets of the kobolds, including where they live, how they fight, and their insidious designs on the world above. Discover the secrets of these notorious trap builders, the powers of their ancient draconic heritages, and the mysteries of alchemy and arcana that allow these miniature menaces to flourish in the darkened depths. Goblins aren't the only half-sized horrors in Golarion, unleash the unpredictable cunning of kobolds with Pathfinder Player Companion: Kobolds of Golarion!
Item Code: JAN132010
In Shops: 7/10/2013
SRP: $12.99