From Underground Toys! Introducing the all new Star Wars 7" Talking Darth Vader Plush Ball! Underground Toys takes what it does best to another level with this new  take on its award-winning Star Wars Talking Plush range. The perfect gift for any fan who's ever wanted  to learn about the dark side of the force.  This ball shaped recreation of everyone's favorite Dark Lord of the Sith can be launched into 'head-on' action or simply squeezed for a hug - what could possibly be more cuddly than a soft ball of  plush after all? Why not take a load off and cuddle up with this wonderful, talking, soft  Darth Vader plush ball while the Galactic War rages on between the Empire and the Rebel forces.   * Spoken phrase is the haunting sound of Vader breathing.
Item Code: SEP121839
In Shops: 1/9/2013
SRP: $26.99