Once, Sagat was once the king of Muay Thai. Unfortunately, during the first World Tournament, Sagat was defeated and savagely scarred by the Metsu Shoryuken of Ryu. Later, Sagat's former student, Adon, ridiculed Sagat over the Ryu defeat, purposefully goading him into a fight. Eventually, Sagat had a more benevolent moment and decided to leave. Bison attempted to keep Sagat onboard by giving him a chance to fight a brainwashed Ryu; however, contemptuously disregarding so disgraceful a victory, Sagat fought Ryu only long enough to break Bison's mind control. This memorable fighter from Capcom's Street Fighter games is sculpted at an impressive 1/4-scale!
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In Shops: 6/26/2013
SRP: $365.00