Publisher: IT BOOKS
(W) Kevin J. Anderson
This New York Times bestseller tells the untold story of the first encounter of two of America's greatest cultural icons, Batman and Superman, during the Cold War era. As Sputnik silently circles the skies, danger lurks in the Earth's darkest corners. Evil genius Lex Luthor, Superman's arch-enemy, is leveraging international tensions to build a military-industrial empire, competing against his primary business rival Wayne Industries, run by Gotham City's enigmatic millionaire Bruce Wayne. In a time of fear and mistrust, as America and the USSR race to build bigger nuclear missiles aimed at each other's greatest cities, two extraordinary heroes - polar opposites in their attitude and actions - will come together to stop the bad guys and save the world.
Item Code: SEP121333
In Shops: 12/5/2012
SRP: $15.99