Back in the late 1960s, Lieutenant Uhura made history by being a strong willed woman officer on the bridge of a starship, playing one of the most vital roles during the Enterprise's five year mission - her communications officer. As part of their women's Star Trek line of high-end replica costuming, ANOVOS desired to recreate Uhura's iconic costume. Featuring the exact double-knit fabric from the original uniforms, and fabric dyed to match screen-used fabric samples, this dress fabric is accurate to the original swatches used on set during filming. Patterns were based off of original cut patterns used from the set to ensure complete accuracy and look. A long hidden zipper finishes the piece, recreating one of the most iconic feminine designs of its time and even today. This is by far one of the beautiful pieces created in the ANOVOS collection, and Star Trek fans deserve to own this one-of-a-kind piece.
Item Code: AUG121865
In Shops: 12/5/2012