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Harold Gray (w & a & c)
Introducing one of the strip's most beloved characters, the mysterious Punjab the Wizard, and including one of the most famous Little Orphan Annie stories of all-that of the brilliant Eli Eon, who invents a material that never wears out and promises to make the world a better place for everyone. Unfortunately, for both Eli and the world, evil forces are determined to steal his formula and use it for their own purposes. The only ones in their way are Annie, "Daddy" Warbucks, and their new ally, the indomitable Punjab! Includes all dailies and color Sundays from February 1, 1935 through September 30, 1936. Edited and designed by Eisner-Award winner Dean Mullaney, with biographical text by Jeet Heer.
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Bullet points:
"    Annie and the gang are joined by Punjab the Wizard!
"    Read along as Eli Eon invents Eonite, the indestructible material that every country in the world wants!
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