(W) Adrienne Ambrose (A/CA) Joanna Estep
(W) Ambrose, Humphries, Randolph (A) Estep, Love, Leith
The Fraggles are back, but where have all the Doozers gone? They've disappeared from the Rock, and it's up to the Fraggles to find them! Adrianne Ambrose and Joanna Estep bring us an exciting lead story that finds the Fraggles searching for their tiny friends, and discovering them in the most unlikely of places! Then join Sam Humphries and Jeremy Love as they reveal the perfect gift for the World's Oldest Fraggle in their story, "The Birthday Present." Finally, learn how to "Party, Doozer Style" in a lively backup tale written by Grace Randolph and drawn by Whitney Leith!
Item Code: APR100731
In Shops: 6/30/2010
SRP: $3.95