Disney On Parade - a limited edition collection of dream floats honoring Disney milestones and memorable movies. Who better to grand marshal the parade than Mickey Mouse as seen in his debut featurette Steamboat Willie? (Limited to 1,928 pieces). Dopey in his mine car represents Disney's first animated masterpiece Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. (Limited to 1,937 pieces). Pinocchio with Jiminy and Monstro represent Disney's second animated masterpiece Pinocchio. (Limited to 1,940 pieces). Sorcerer Mickey summons the stars in this representation of Disney's third animated masterpiece, Fantasia. (Limited to 1,937 pieces). Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo aboard Casey Jr. represent Disney's fourth animated masterpiece, Dumbo. (Limited to 1,941 pieces). Cinderella in her magical coach represent Disney's sixth animated masterpiece, Cinderella. (Limited to 1,950 pieces). Finally, Bambi and new friend Thumper represent Disney's fifth animated masterpiece Bambi. (Limited to 1,942 pieces). Collect them all!
Item Code: OCT121979
In Shops: 1/9/2013