The Garbage Pail Kids are a uniquely hilarious group of kids who are as endearing as they are gross. With original hand-painted art, an endless universe of new characters, and a heavy dose of wit, the GPK have been delivering laughs since 1985! GPK 2014 celebrates the Olyp-Picks! The official XXII Winter Olympics will be held in February 2014, and GPK is getting into the spirit with their very own Olym-Picks event! Popular Garbage Pail Kids return in all their glory to showcase their hidden talents in sports, both on traditional stickers and motion cards. The set also includes collectible Gold, Silver, and Bronze foil medal cards featuring original GPK events such as Synchronized Farting. Series 1 includes a 172-card case set, plus parallels, bonus cards, sketch cards, and exciting rare hits. Then, store your collection in the official binder! In the regular edition, 10 cards per pack, 24 packs per box. In the Collector's Edition, 6 cards per pack (3 base, 1 metallic red parallel, 1 full bleed canvas, 1 black parallel or 1 insert), 24 packs per box.
Item Code: NOV131476
In Shops: 2/5/2014
SRP: $2.99