(W) Andy Hoare
The Space Marines are humanity's defenders. Warriors without peer, forged by arcane science, they are the ultimate expression of the Emperor's will and shine like a beacon of hope to all mankind. The White Scars set out to destroy a demon prince of the Alpha Legion who has brought death across the Imperium, the feared Voldorius. Kor'sarro Khan and his warriors must battle their way across the world of Quintus if they are to complete their task and slay the beast. When they encounter the ruined hulk of a Space Wolves vessel, the Silver Skulls are drawn into a deadly plot concocted by the sinister Tyrant of Badab, Huron Blackheart. Contains the Space Marine Battles novels The Gildar Rift and Hunt for Voldorius.
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In Shops: 8/20/2014
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