Publisher: BIG FINISH
(W) Peter Ling & Various
Steed and Dr. Keel return to action in these four recreations of classic lost episodes! In "Ashes of Roses," Carol goes undercover at a hairdressing salon, which appears to be at the center of an arson ring. In "Please Don't Feed the Animals," Steed takes on blackmailers who are extorting secrets from government officials. In "The Radioactive Man," Someone is loose in London, unwittingly carrying a radioactive isotope. Finally, in "Dance With Death," Dr. Keel is framed for murder, and Steed investigates a dance school. Starring Anthony Howell and Julian Wadham, adapted from the wiped first series of The Avengers.
Item Code: MAY141828
In Shops: 8/20/2014
SRP: $49.99