Publisher: GKIDS
From Timeless Media! Shaolin Wooden Men: Little Mute (Jackie Chan) refuses to speak after witnessing his father's murder as a child. He becomes the student of an ex-convict who teaches him kung fu. Eventually he studies Gliding Snake and Drunken Master styles at a Shaolin Monastery. After completing the exhausting 108 wooden men test, Chan is ready to get his revenge! To Kill With Intrigue: Fearing for his pregnant wife's safety from the vicious gang, "The Killer Bees", Sau Lei ( Jackie Chan) casts Chin-chin (his wife) out of the house. The gang kills most of Lei's family, but his life is spared by Ting Tan-yen (Hsu Feng), the leader of the gang. As he hunts for Chin-chin, Sau Lei joins the Dragon Escort clan. When his boss is killed, Sau Lei sets out for bloody revenge.
Item Code: MAY132386
In Shops: 6/26/2013
SRP: $9.99