From Troma Entertainment. Two classic Troma features by Daniel Boyd, collected in a low-price double feature! Invasion of the Space Preachers: Something strange is going on in the backwoods of West Virginia. The once cheerful townsfolk are becoming mindless, moronic automatons thanks to the ministry of preachers from space! And they've arrived under the leadership of the evil Reverend Lash, who is using his faithful following to control the minds of the helpless earthlings. Chillers: Five lonely strangers swap ghost stories while stranded in a rural bus depot. Little do they know that the bus is scheduled to drop them off beyond their darkest fears. This inspiration for Tranzfusion Publishing's Chillers series is a must-watch and a Must-Scream!
Item Code: JUN142765
In Shops: 7/30/2014
SRP: $14.95