Fans have loved the characters of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. games for thirty years, and now these characters can enter your as cute and cuddly plushes! Choose from Mario (8" tall), Fire Mario (8" tall), Tanooki Mario (9" tall), Luigi (9" tall), Fire Luigi (9" tall), Kitsune Luigi (9" tall), Daisy (8" tall), Peach (8" tall), Baby Peach (5" tall), Toad (7" tall), Yellow Toad (7" tall), Yoshi (6" tall), Light Blue Yoshi (6" tall), Pink Yoshi (6" tall), Yellow Yoshi (6" tall), Birdo (6" tall), Blue Toad (7" tall), Chain Chomp (5" tall), Dry Bones (6" tall), Hammer Bros. (7" tall), Magikoopa (7" tall), Shy Guy (5" tall), Warp Pipe (5" tall), and Wiggler (12" tall). Whomever is your favorite Mario character, you're sure to find a plush that fits your style!
Item Code: OCT131976
In Shops: 12/18/2013
SRP: $21.99