Topps 2014 Inception delivers the first high-end NFL trading cards of the season! With all-new, beautifully updated designs, Inception captures all of the excitement and anticipation surrounding the 2014 NFL Rookie class. Every box delivers 3 hits, including autographed, autographed relic, jumbo jersey, or patch relic cards. The base cards inlcude 100 top NFL veterans, and there are six levels or parallel cards. Relic cards include Rookie Patches and Rookie Jumbo Relics. Autographed Relics include Jumbo Patches, Patch book Cards, Letters Book, and Shield Logo cards. 7 cards per pack (2 base cards, 1 base Green parallel card, 1 base parallel, 2 Autograph, 1 Jumbo Relic or Patch), 1 pack per box.
Item Code: JUN141714
In Shops: 8/13/2014
SRP: $99.99